Residential Fiberglass Flagpole - 1 Piece


The knowledgeable staff at Fly Me Flag are flagpole installation experts! We have been selling and installing residential flagpoles from 15' to 35' in height for over 25 years. We offer a variety of flagpole types to meet the needs of our customers.

Safe flagpoles require knowledge of the windloads to which they will be subjected. We can help you decide on the proper flagpole based on your location and the size and number of flags you are considering flying.

Our fiberglass residential flagpoles are manufactured to duplicate the classic Greek Entasis taper design.  The rugged gel coat finish is especially well suited near salt water or in other extreme weather conditions - our poles will not corrode, pit, or rust. 

Since fiberglass is a non-conductor, no grounding is required making installation easy and inexpensive.  Choose a Brilliant White or Dark Bronze pre-cast gel coat finish.  Other colors are available upon request; please contact us for a prompt quote. 

An innovative molding process is used to produce a flagpole shaft with a tensile strength of 50,000 pounds per square inch on these flagpoles.  Inside a steel clam shell mold, seven layers of reinforced fiberglass roving, mixed with a polyester resin is aligned in a vertical plane for maximum strength and placed on a thick layer of gel-coat.  An inflatable bladder is laid the entire length of the mold.  The mold is closed, the bladder inflated and the resulting pole is created by subtle pressure and slow curing during an exothermic chemical reaction.

Please call us to discuss your flagpole needs and let our sales team help you choose the proper flagpole for proudly displaying your flag(s).  *Flags pictured not included in pricing.  Flags sold separately.

** Note:  Shipping Table rates do not apply.  Please call for shipping rate.

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