Flag Maintenance

Maintenance Tips

To help maintain the rope on your flagpole, the rope should be inspected and flag snaps should be moved on a regular basis to prevent excess rope wear.  This is a simple procedure that can make your rope last much longer! 

Step 1:   Remove one of the flag snaps.

Step 2:   Reattach snap approximately 6” above or below the original placement.

Step 3:   Repeat with remaining snaps.

This should be done at least once every 6 – 12 months.  Make it a habit to inspect your flagpole rope and move the flag snaps every time you change out your flags and your rope will last MUCH longer!  See below for photos of how to replace the snaps.

The knowledgeable staff at Fly-Me Flag, Inc. can provide this maintenance service. Call us for details at 920-435-FLAG (3524).

*Note:  If you see excessive wear at any spot on your rope, make sure you change the rope right away.  Changing the rope before it breaks is a simple process.  Once the rope breaks, most poles require the use of a lift truck to replace the rope, which adds to the service cost.



1.  Fold the rope in half and place fold through ring on the new snap.

2. Bring folded loop over the working end of the new snap.


3. Pull the working end of the new snap with one hand and the rope with the other hand to tighten loop securely.



Flag Use & Care Video