American Flags - Nylon vs. Polyester vs. Cotton

When it comes to selecting the best American Flag made in the USA, it's important to understand how high-quality flags are constructed. All of our American Flags feature embroidered stars, stitched stripes, a minimum of four rows of stitching on the fly end, and a sturdy canvas heading with heavy-duty brass grommets. 

The fabric is equally important to the construction as its characteristics will impact the flag's resilience and lifespan. Here is a comparison of the three fabrics available today - polyester, nylon, and cotton. 

U.S. Polyester Flags

Most durable American flag fabric

Polyester is built tough to withstand demanding weather conditions and high winds

Constructed of two-ply spun polyester, a heavyweight fabric that looks and feels like matte cotton with an open weave that reduces stress on the flag

Recommended for larger flags on taller flagpoles, and areas with high wind speeds

Polyester American Flags

U.S. Nylon Flags 

Most versatile American flag fabric

Nylon combines radiant beauty and rugged strength to wave smoothly in the wind

Constructed of 200-denier SolarMax nylon fabric that is lightweight and lustrous, dries quickly, and flutters nicely with a slight breeze

Recommended for poles on the side of the house, and areas with low-to-medium wind speeds

Nylon American Flags

U.S. Cotton Flags

Most traditional American flag fabric

Cotton is an excellent choice for long-term indoor display and provides a historical nod to American flags of the past

The 5' x 9-1/2' U.S. Cotton Flag is traditionally used to drape a casket and folded into a triangle for display in a flag case

Not recommended for routine outdoor use as cotton degrades quickly and the flag colors may bleed when wet

Cotton American Flags

Caring for your American Flag

Every flag requires proper maintenance to keep it flying proudly. To clean nylon and polyester flags, machine washing with cold water and a gentle detergent is recommended. After washing, lay the flag flat to dry; do not put the flag in the dryer. For cotton flags, dry cleaning is recommended to prevent the colors from fading or bleeding. 

We suggest regularly inspecting your flag for signs of wear and tear. If the fabric integrity is still in good shape but the corners are beginning to fray, the flag can likely be re-hemmed and repaired. However, once the flag becomes tattered, faded, or damaged, it is time to retire and replace it. 

For our local customers, Fly Me Flag provides flag repair services and accepts flags for retirement when no longer suitable for flying. Unsure if your flag can be repaired? Bring it into our showroom; we'll do an assessment and make a recommendation so you can get the most from every American flag.

American Flag on Commercial Flagpole

Ensure your U.S. Flag is made in America

We believe that American flags should never be imported. As a Certified Retailer of the FMAA, you can trust Fly Me Flag to only sell U.S. Flags that are 100% Made in America. What does that mean? We are committed to American flags that are constructed of domestic materials and manufactured in U.S. facilities with American labor. We operate with integrity and pride, so you can always be proud of your flag!

American Flags Made in USA