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Verified Reviews from past customers
Based on 57 reviews

Polypropylene Rope Halyard

Neverfurl Complete Kits
richard albertini

Neverfurl Complete Kits

Thin Blue Line U.S. 2' x 3' Flag


Great flag

I like the flag, it is a flag I will proudly fly on flag day and for Juneteenth.

I like that it is made in the USA in Wisconsin. I am certain to buy more also.

Thanks for asking my opinion.


Patriotic Star Twisters
Christina Hauge

Love it!

U.S. Polyester Flags

Beautiful Flag, But

Washingtons Cruisers flag is beautiful, and greatly made in the USA. But, I thought mirrored image meant the same on both sides. So, be aware the the print on the back side is reversed. I mis-understood mirrored image.
But the flag is beautiful and looks very well made.

Replacement Parts Better Than Original!

The gold ball and mounting insert on my dock flagpole were destroyed by the guys who put in and take out my dock every season. I was afraid I might have to replace an expensive flagpole. Fly Me Flag came to the rescue offering the perfect rare size replacement top ornament mount insert needed. It fit perfectly into the top of my flagpole, replacing the one that was cracked and broken. The aluminum ball gold finish is very attractive, looks gret in the sun, and enhances the flags that are flown significantly. I like it so much, I ordered a spare additional ball and insert in case I ever need them.

July 4th Sparklers 3' x 5' Flag
Spencer Yohe


5 O'Clock Spinner

Saw this spinner in Paradise Island and had to have it and found it and got it and love it!! Also ordered the Cockatoo one for a friend.

New flags

I absolutely love the quickness of delivery, and the amazing products at Fly Me Flag!!! What an amazing business and I wouldn’t get new flags anywhere else!!! Thank you!!!!!

U.S. Polyester Flags
William Paris
4 x 6 poly American flag

Absolutely love it

God Bless America Reversible Star Garden Flag
Elaine Kicak
Love my flag🇺🇸

This flag is extremely well made. The design is awesome. It sparkles and shines the message. We have gotten lots of compliments from our neighbors!

Americana Floral Wreath House Banner
Patricia Besson

We love flags and these are of a very nice quality

Us Navy Flag

This was a great addition to my father's yard. He's proud of the time he served & really wanted to do something special for him on father's day. He loved it!

Though I haven't put it up yet you can see & feel it's Quality. Can't believe how hard it is to find a American Flag not made in china. Now I'm looking for a American made Flag pole.

Perfect Performance

Great communication and prompt fullfillment.

Never Furl

We purchased these to replace some worn brackets that were on the truck we recently purchased. Work well and would recommend.

Bennington Flags
Chuck Anerino
Great service, quality products

Very pleased with the quality of the Bennington Flag I ordered. Company is great to deal with and I highly recommend them.

Great service, quality products

I ordered the Military Stick Flags and a Bennington Flag. The stick flags I ordered were supposed to have black sticks and when the I received the flags they had natural wood sticks. I also ordered the wrong size of the Bennington Flag. I called the company and they were so great to deal with. No problems with returning the items, at their cost and within a few days I received the black stick Military Flags and the correct size Bennington Flag. I highly recommend Fly Me Flags. The quality is what I expected, the professionalism of the staff was great and I will definitely purchase from them again.

Awesome customer service!!

Thank you so very much for quickly and confidently taking care of our order, making sure we would have our flag in time for our event. Tomorrow, we will proudly raise the Juneteenth flag for the first time at City Hall in Lancaster, PA.
-Erica Mae on behalf of the Lancaster, PA branch of the NAACP

American Flag

I'm not sure which Flag I received from you. I have ordered from two places by accident. One was very nice flag with embroidery stars. Great flag.
The other one was a printed flag that was very cheap.

New Light Technology

I used to have a solar light that mounted on the pole half way up, pointing up at the flag. It looked cluttered and in the way. This is much nicer having a light mounted on top of the pole. It is out of the way. It Looks more integrated into the pole system. It radiates 360 degrees around the pole so that no matter which way the flag is blowing it will be illuminated. On the negative side it has sufficient lumens, but it would be nice to be a bit brighter. The color of the light is on the cold side, perhaps 5000K. It would be nice if it was warmer, perhaps 3500K. I followed the instructions, charging it for three days before turning it on. I mounted it on the pole, turned it on, and reset the pole in its foundation. For the first week to ten days it came on at the appropriate time at dusk, but it would go on and off. It would come on for a minute or two, then turn off for 30 seconds, and then come back on. It did this all night. I thought about returning it, but continued to monitor it for a while. It eventually began flashing only at the beginning of the night and then staying illuminated for the rest of the night. At about 2 weeks it stopped flashing entirely and comes on properly and stays lit all night. It appears to be working fine now. Don’t know why. Maybe it needs to be charged longer than three days prior to use. I am happy with the light.

Summer Sandals 3' x 5' Flag
Very good quality for a one-sided flag.

Nice colors. Nice quality, but overpriced for a one-sided flag.