Why Should I Purchase My Flagpole from Fly Me Flag?

Trust Our Five-Star Flagpole Advantage  

Flagpole installation is not our side hustle; it’s our specialty!

We won’t landscape your yard or install signs at your business, but we’ve been selling, installing, and maintaining flagpoles since 1985. Three decades of experience and thousands of flagpoles later, we’ve earned our reputation as the flag authorities. Flags are all we do.

We won’t settle for “standard” and we don’t take shortcuts.

Step into our showroom and you’ll immediately understand that we are anything but basic. While our competitors often skip the flagpole ornament, upcharge for a flash collar, or supply sub-par rope, our flagpole packages are always upgraded, customized, and all-inclusive.

We take the guesswork out of reaching flagpole perfection.

From choosing the ideal flagpole to raising the flag for the first time, we take the extra steps to simplify and clarify the process. This proactive and personalized approach means that we’ll ask the right questions, make suggestions, and steer customers away from potential problems.

We take pride in our installation so you can be proud of your flag.

Our installation service is completely turnkey; you select the spot, and we’ll handle the rest. Trust our experienced team to do things right the first time so you can admire your flag every time you walk out the front door. We’re not just installing a flagpole; we’re helping you show your pride.

As a full-service flag company, we have your back.

The flagpole installation is just the beginning. We pledge to stand behind our work and the warranty. We’ll be here to supply flags, replace accessories, provide maintenance, and share expertise to keep your flags flying proudly. Count on Fly Me Flag to have your back today and always. Let it fly!