Patriotic During a Pandemic

Every generation of Americans has been called upon to make sacrifices for their nation. Today, we are asked to take precautions to protect our family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and communities. 

While this virus is disrupting our way of life, it is also redefining patriotism. In the past, joining the military, serving on a jury, paying taxes, and voting were ways we showed patriotism. Now, our patriotic spirit is also demonstrated by staying home, social distancing, and temporarily closing the doors to our business. Nobody said patriotism would be without sacrifice or stress-free.
In these uncertain times, we find ourselves seeking signs of hope… signs we are not alone… signs that we will survive this… and perhaps we should look to the greatest symbol of America’s strength, resilience, and unity? 
The United States Flag!
Each year as Memorial Day approaches, we fly our flag, decorate the porch, and hang a red, white, and blue wreath at home. Well, this year we've decided that we're not going to wait. We're launching our patriotic season NOW! We hope you will join us. 
We encourage all Americans to fly the flag at your home or business to show that even apart, we’re in this together. Show support for first responders and hospital workers, for families affected by coronavirus, for our country and community. We will eventually get through this, and in the meantime, we can share a much-needed sign of hope and unity by flying the American Flag! #UnitedWeStand