What Size Flag is Recommended?

There are several considerations when deciding what size flag is right for your flagpole (or which flagpole model will allow you to fly a desired flag size). Choosing the correct flag size provides an esthetically pleasing display, prevents damage to the flagpole, and ensures a patriotic presentation for your home or business. 

Is the Flag Size Proportionate to the Pole Height?

We've all seen flags that look too tiny or too overwhelming for their flagpole. In general, the length of the flag should be at least 1/4 the height of the pole. For example, we recommend a 3'x5' flag for a 20 foot flagpole and an 8'x12' flag for a 40 foot flagpole. See the chart below for the most common sizes. 

Recommended Flag Size for Your Flagpole Height

What If I Want to Fly Two Flags? 

Each flagpole model is assigned a maximum wind speed when unflagged and also when flying the recommended flag size. Adding a second flag or flying an oversized flag will reduce the wind speeds that the pole can tolerate before it bends or breaks. With just a few measurements, our expert team can review your flagpole specifications, assess the impact of adding another flag, and determine whether this is acceptable or could put your flagpole in danger of wind damage.

When the flagpole's wind rating will support a second flag, we recommend the additional flag be one or two sizes smaller than the U.S. flag (for example, flying a 5'x8' U.S. flag above a 3'x5' military flag on a 30 ft. flagpole looks great!). If the wind ratings are borderline and you are determined to fly two flags, you may also consider going one size below the recommended size (for example, flying a 4'x6' U.S. flag above a 3'x5' military flag on a 30 ft. flagpole will sacrifice some fabric for a better wind rating). Need help figuring this out? Just ask us

The number and size of flags you intend to fly should also be considered when purchasing a flagpole. Here in Northeastern Wisconsin, we routinely experience wind gusts of 50 mph and up to 90 mph on very rare occasions. For local residential homes, we recommend choosing a flagpole with a flagged wind speed of 85+ mph and for commercial applications, we recommend 100+ mph; this will allow you the flexibility to fly two flags, when desired. 

What Height Flagpole is Recommended?

The height of the pole and size of the flag should complement the surrounding buildings and landscape. If you want a flagpole that will get noticed without being obnoxious, here are some general guidelines:

For residential homes, we suggest:

  • 15 ft. for a small home or limited space
  • 20 ft. for a single-story home
  • 25 ft. for a two-story home
  • 30 ft. for an estate home

For commercial buildings, we suggest:

  • 25 ft. & 30 ft. for a standard building
  • 35 ft. & 40 ft. for a large building
  • 40 ft. & 50 ft. for a building complex
  • 60 ft. to 80 ft. for dealerships and gas stations
  • 100 ft. to 150 ft. for a memorable presentation

And if you want to make a statement with the most impressive flag display in the neighborhood, city, or entire region, we're here for it! Stop by our showroom, give us a call at 920-435-3524, or email us your flag questions and let our expert team take the guesswork out of reaching flagpole perfection. 

My Location is Unique. Can Fly Me Flag Advise?

Absolutely! Whether you have limited space for a flagpole installation, are struggling to find the best spot on your property, or are unsure what height will best complement the building, trust our team to ask the right questions, steer you away from potential problems, and make personalized recommendations. We hope to earn your business and look forward to making your flag goals a reality.