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Uncommon Telescoping Residential Flagpoles

Telescoping Residential Flagpoles

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Product Details

Our Uncommon Telescoping Flagpoles offer a versatile alternative to one-piece flagpoles; they can be collapsed and moved for tailgating, display at another location, or storage. With the convenient press of a button, the flagpole extends and retracts in seconds.

Telescoping flagpoles have no ropes or pulleys. Flags attach to polycarbonate swivel rings with spring clips, allowing 360 degree movement so they never tangle. Made in U.S.A.

Standard fittings include:

  • 16 gauge anodized aluminum telescoping flagpole
  • gold-anodized ball ornament
  • heavy-duty PVC foundation sleeve 
  • polycarbonate swivel rings, set up for flying two flags
  • a clear polycarbonate collar which locks around the lowest button on the pole to prevent unauthorized raising or lowering of the flagpole

Fly Me Flag offers the following models in silver, bronze, or black:

  • 16' Presidential: 2-1/4" diameter at base, 60 mph wind tolerance, 10-year warranty
  • 20' Presidential: 2-1/2" diameter at base, 70 mph wind tolerance, 10-year warranty
  • 25' Original: 2-1/2" diameter at base, 55 mph wind tolerance, 5-year warranty
  • 20' Heavy-Duty: 3" diameter at base, 85 mph wind tolerance, 10-year warranty
  • 25' Heavy-Duty: 3" diameter at base, 65 mph wind tolerance, 10-year warranty

When it comes to flagpoles, the sky's the limit! Fly Me Flag installs a wide range of residential flagpoles. Our knowledgeable team can help you choose the proper flagpole for your home. Call or visit our showroom for a free consultation today!

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Telescoping Residential Flagpoles